How does MyScholarID Work?

Step 1: Register

To be eligible to register, your school must be part of the MySID network. Simply create an account and specify your school and grade: you will join your peers as part as your school's network.

Step 2: Upload a photo for your ID

Stamp your arrival by uploading a photo of yourself. Keep in mind that your ID will be seen by both your peers and faculty members. Therefore choose a photo that you think is appropriate.

Step 3: Enter your most recent grades

You can now begin building your profile. Grab your report card, and enter grades for all the classes you took this term. You can Repeat the process for each term of the current year. Remember to review the accuracy of what you enter to make sure you get all the points you deserve.

Points are awarded based on the grades you have entered. This is your Scholar Score. Based on this score, your profile will trend to 1 of 5 badges:
CopperSilverGoldMedallionCollegiate Seal
Copper Silver Gold Medallion Collegiate Seal

No one will be able to see your marks Ė only your Scholar Score and the badge you have earned.

Step 4: Continue building your profile

Grades donít tell the whole story. What else have you done? Are you an athlete? Do you volunteer? Are you part of any clubs or committees?
Enter your extracurricular achievements and earn badges based on your accomplishments.

Step 5: Connect with your peers

Use the discussion board to chat with others and find out whatís going on. Browse your friend's profiles and other students in different grades and schools. Where do you rank?

Step 6: Earn badges and Scholar Dollars

In January and the end of the school year, you will be able to apply for your grade badge. This will simply require you to send us a copy of your report card. We will then verify that all grades submitted into the profile were in fact accurate. Once that is confirmed, we will grant you your badge along with your Scholar Dollars. Check out the MySID Rewards section and see what you can get!

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